So you may or may not have noticed a slight change in the way our site looks. That was not intentional.

ComicPress updated and forced us into a hellish nightmare we were not prepared for. Apparently ComicPress is no longer supported, it is now ComicEasel. Which happens to be completely different. So when we updated ComicPress, what we were really doing (unwittingly) was upgrading to ComicEasel. And it murdered our site with all the grace of a meth-crazed hobo.

But now we’re back, after a full day of being down. And in the process of fiddling with the settings and configurations to try and get our site back, I discovered some new style sheets and doodads that I really quite liked. Thus the new look. So, not all bad then.

There are going to be a few more changes over the next little bit due to ComicEasel losing some of the functionality that we liked in ComicPress. Mainly: the two posts that go up with each strip are going to be jammed together where the first post sits. It irks us to do that, but since Easel no longer supports the ability to link specific blog posts to specific strips, and will only post the most recent blog post on the front page, this is the only solution left to us. And believe me, we have spent many many hours trying to figure out another solution, all to no avail.

So, all that crap being said, I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.