For being one of my better friends, and someone Thad and I play games with regularly, Andy has oddly only ever appeared in one strip. It’s been a bit of a sore point with him. Especially since he didn’t get put in the cast picture I drew a while ago. I told him that he didn’t count as a regular character since he’d only been in one strip, and everyone else had appeared in at least two. He blamed me for the fact that was case. He wasn’t entirely wrong on that point.

So here he again, everyone. Andy Hansen. Alcoholic gamer extraordinaire. Spewer forth of profane obscenities.

Welcome to the club, Andy.

We’ve been playing The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing lately. It’s like a weird love child between Diablo and Torchlight. It’s a pretty decent ARPG for a fairly cheap price. I recommend giving it a shot if you’re into those sorts of games. And yes, I totally used this as an excuse to draw Lady Katarina. I’ve kinda a thing for her. But so does Andy, so it’s not too weird.