For the record, my definition of idiot is not “someone who did something stupid once”. If that were the case then calling someone stupid would swiftly lose all meaning because it would apply to everyone that ever lived, myself certainly included.

Rather, there are a few ways to qualify. First do something stupid then either refuse to learn or worse, blame someone else. I don’t hold it against an individual that is incapable of learning, that’s a medical thing. You must be¬†willfully¬†ignorant. Alternatively, display a pattern of failing to use critical thinking (e.g. computers need electricity, why won’t they work if the power is out).

Just an example from things I’ve experienced. If you forget your password, that’s fine. It happens and I’m happy to help. If you forget your password and then blame me (especially if I did NOT hit you in the head with a brick), you are now a stupid person. Congratulations.