Alice: My hive tyrant is in range of your tank, so he’s going to assault.

Bob: Is it going to use smash?

Alice: Yeah, he’s smashing.

Come and gather around for another explanation time! This is a hive¬†tyrant from the game Warhammer 40k. The hive tyrant is a type of unit known as a “monstrous creature”.

In the sixth edition of the WH 40K rules, all monstrous creatures have a built-in ability called smash. I guess because they are big and smash-y like the Hulk.

Then, because of the way English works, if the tyrant is to smash then he can also be said to be smashing.

Which leads us to our joke; because smashing can have an alternate meaning: Informal Extraordinarily impressive or fine; wonderful: a smashing success.

So there you have it. All of the logical steps needed to reach a dapper hive tyrant.