Last August I backed my first KickStarter project. It was the Reaper: Bones project. At the time of writing, it is the 4th highest earning KickStarter ever, bringing in almost $3.5 million. This initial backing turned out to be a trigger for an unknown addiction bubbling just below the surface of my consciousness. I have since backed two other miniature related projects, and have had to restrain myself from backing even more. On one hand, giving money to companies that I absolutely love to be able to produce a product that I absolutely want is something that I relish. On the other hand, my pocketbook really can’t handle it.

While the above strip may be a slight exaggeration, it’s not far off the mark. Thaddeus has actually berated me for the amounts that I have thrown at the various projects, and the list of backed projects does look somewhat ridiculous.

All I can say is that when the projects that I have backed finally get to me, I am going to be one ecstatic nerd with a ton of minis that I may or may not be able to figure out what to do with.