Caffeine is often the drug of choice for your average office drone (like me). Other common (ab)users are gamers, techies, hipsters, men, women, teachers, power businessmen, conquistadors, nurses, editors, and so on and so forth. Mostly this is because it is completely unnatural to be conscious before 10:00 am.

That last bit may be more opinion than fact. Probably.

Changing tracks slightly: the internet is great for many reasons. Not the least of which is because, like Red, it is known to locate certain things from time to time. These things can range from useful to bizarre and subtly disturbing (I hope you read some of the reviews).

And now to merge subjects: it was only natural, given caffeine’s growing ubiquity, and the internet’s ability to collate novelty, that one would be empowered to find a wide variety of  fantastic caffeinated goods. I haven’t looked personally, but I’m sure that somewhere out there is a product that greatly resembles a caffeine horse pill. Likely for horse truckers. As in, both truckers that transport horses and truckers that are in fact themselves horses. Or something along those lines, I’m sure.

Though personally I kinda think the pill in panel two resembles a bar of soap. Fortunately this is not a problem!

Enjoy you heart palpitations.