Earlier this month Minecraft surpassed 8 million sales. I remember when them getting to one million was amazing. Then they went and made a million sales seven more times.

This puts Minecraft pretty high up on the list of best selling PC games.

The scenes depicted in the above jpeg are all based on real events. I’m sure that these particular incidents are not entirely uncommon, but some players seem to be plagued by ineptness more so than others. Like, you’ll give the individual in question what you believe to be a relatively simple task and they will manage to fail in such a spectacular way that you can’t even imagine what events transpired to lead from start A to disaster B.

He was never able to explain with any satisfaction how all the cows caught fire. Or how two-thirds of the castle ended up flooded. Or how he managed to lose nearly a hundred iron ingots to lava.

Something as complicated as trap building should really be left to those with at least a modicum of competency.


Congratulations Mojang. May your pick be ever sharp and may your diamonds be plentiful.