By the way, I have a son. Thought I’d throw that in here. He’s three, and his name is Kais. If anyone had any doubt about my nerdiness, doubt no more. I named my son after the Tau word for “skillful”. If that doesn’t raise me to the highest echelons of nerdome, I don’t know what does.

He recently started watching Pokemon on Netflix. I do not approve of this. In the battle between Pokemon and Digimon, I chose the better of the two: Digimon. I fully expected my son would do the same.

Thaddeus, on the other hand, seems to be encouraging Kais’ poor life choice. Using the power of his 3D Printer, he made Kais a big Pokeball and four Pokemon. When he brought them over, Kais was ecstatic. I was horrified.

This story arc can only end in tears. For who, though, has yet to be determined.

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